About the Artist

Katie Clapham of Worldswalker Photography has explored the world around her through photography since she got her first camera in the 1970s. Photography is part of her daily life. She sees stories and beauty in the world, and shares them through her art.

The name Worldswalker originates both from her photographic travels around this world, and from her use of the camera to capture images that evoke other worlds. Her interest is most caught by liminal spaces: the boundaries between earth and sky, dark and light, real and unreal.

Katie has expressed that as a photographer, when she experiences the natural world, there is a constant tension between experiencing the moment and the desire to capture its essence to share it through her art.

While many of her photographs of weather, sky, plants and landscapes are purely an attempt to capture natural beauty, her images of the ways that humans interact with nature evoke stories of meaning and depth, whether it be a human-made structure, deteriorating back into nature, or a moment in a celebration of the season’s turning.

Of her series of nudes, Strong Curves, viewers have commented that she makes landscapes of bodies, and bodies of landscapes. Some of her nudes explore the way shadows follow the curves of the body, as they follow the curves of the land. Others explore the story behind the image or outside the frame.

She lives in Minneapolis with her cat, of whom she has taken enough pictures to satisfy the internet, and is often seen walking or bicycling through the neighborhoods, wearing purple, and carrying one (or more) of her cameras.